Which Should You Use, I or Me?

It’s easy to mistake “I” for “me” and vice versa in sentences that are about you and another person; fortunately, there’s an easy way to remember which is the right word to use!  In most every sentence, you’ll want to use “I” before the verb and “me” after it.

Have a look at these examples below; use “I” before the verb:

Alfred and I aren’t having any of it!

Farrah, the girls, and I took up Irish Riverdance classes last week.

You and I are going to make beautiful music together.

Remember to use “me” after the verb:

Jarvis drove Alfred and me to the market for some magic beans.

They’ve always liked Farrah and me—and for good reason!

A: Who could go for some waffles?  B: Jarvis and me.

And last but not least my friends, you should come last in the list.

It’s “Alfred and me / Alfred and I” not “me and Alfred / I and Alfred.”

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