General Rules for Titles

You’d like to lay down that title all professional like, but what’s supposed to be capitalized, and what’s not?  Well for starters, you’ll want to capitalize the first, last, and important words in a title.  Smaller words (fewer than five letters) on the other hand, should be lower-cased in titles, unless they are the first, last or important words.  Beginning to understand?  Well if you still aren’t quite sure when to capitalize and when not to, here’s a generally accepted rule that’s just dandy:

Capitalize all words in titles of documents and publications, except:
a, an, and, as, at, but, by, for, in, nor, of, on, or, the, to, and up

But alas, a writer may go rogue disregarding these rules altogether to suit their own personal preference; for example, an article entitled “Can’t an Opossum Shine Too?” might be modified to “Can’t An Opossum Shine Too?” because the writer believes it merely looks better on the cover.

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